Venus Retrograde in Scorpio and Libra 2018 Predictions


Your love life and finances are about to get turned upside down.

Venus retrograde in Scorpio, starting on October 5, 2018, will bring some unexpected, and even uncomfortable shake-ups in your life, that will force you to fight for what you truly want.

It could seem daunting on the surface, given that Venus is going retrograde in its sign of detriment. However, this time of tumult is an angel in disguise, helping you to better understand and achieve the things you need to get your life back on track.

Expect swift change and last-minute miracles, especially as Venus makes a fated square with the nodes and a special opposition with Uranus on October 30 — just in time for Halloween. There may be some real ghosts from the past we are unearthing, dealing with, and healing at this time.

Watch my latest video here to get more details on how this transformative event will affect you.

Notable transits Venus will make during its retrograde period:

October 11: Venus square Mars — Beware of aggression or fighting in relationships. It may be difficult today to see your future with relationships clearly and cooly when so much change may be taking place within them. Be patient and see what comes up with the others in your life.

October 15: Venus conjunct Mercury — There can be lots of conversations today with relationships or about money, and about what you truly desire in both of these areas. Try to avoid making strong commitments until later in the retrograde period.

October 23: Venus sextile Saturn — This is a good opportunity to make commitments (or think about making commitments) to bring more of what you want into your life.

October 25: Venus conjunct Sun — As to where things may have been confusing the past few days, this aspect will help you to better understand and get on board with what you want and need to do next.

October 30: Venus opposite Uranus, square nodes — Beware of unexpected events and last-minute moves. After the conversations that came earlier in the month, you or others may be breaking free to start to implement some of those things that were discussed. Some moves here could be surprising and frustrating, but I ultimately think will work for your good (given Venus and Uranus are in a mutual reception, and the nodes are involved). This is the time when fate starts to step in.

November 1: Venus re-enters Libra — After many intense changes and events, Venus re-enters Libra, its home sign, helping us to find more of the balance in our lives and re-store harmony with others.

November 9: Venus trine Mars — This is a good time to see your future with relationships and money more clearly.

November 16: Venus retrograde ends — It is now time to build on and solidify all the work you just put in, and all the things that came up during the Venus retrograde period.


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