What's going on with your relationships this week

This week, with so many planets in Aries, we are trying to get our own lives in order, and figure out how we are. It is hard to enter into relationships at this time when we have so many things in regards to our own lives we are working out or re-thinking. Doing this inner and personal work may lead us to make more changes in our relationships later in the week.

Mercury conjunct Venus (Monday and Tuesday)

This could bring lots of conversations either with other people or with yourself about the people in your life. It could lead to some big changes that you need to make in relationships.

Venus square Pluto (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

This will bring big changes in relationships later in the week. These changes could have to do with things that were discussed earlier in the week. It could bring up some secret things hidden or beneath the surface that need to be addressed before you can move forward. This is a difficult alignment, so some of these changes could be hard. This could mean some relationships will end or have to deal with private matters. If relationships begin, they will most likely be very intense. Re-adjustments in relationships will be needed before moving forward.

Venus in Aries (ongoing)

This could bring lots of action and intensity in relationships. However, this action may not be the most emotionally caring for other people. Relationships at this time are more about "who I am" and "what you can provide me." Make sure you are doing what you can to temper any tendencies to run over other people.

What this week is good for

Communicating with other people about your own needs
Letting other people know what you want and where you stand (in a tactful way)
Taking care of some of your own issues that you need to feel more whole

What this week is not good for

Ignoring important issues that are on your mind
Being hasty or divisive. Relationship issues could get inflamed this week easily. Say what you feel, but try to do it with tact.

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