What's happening this week

This week is a good time to initiate and do things that you have been working on for quite some time. However, we will need to be sure that we are doing these things in a way that is disciplined, has purpose, and can help us put our life in the right direction. With Mercury about to go retrograde, there are many things that we have yet to figure out and go over. Pace yourself as you move forward to allow for information you don't currently have to come to you.

Monday and Tuesday

Sun conjunct chiron
This could bring up some old wounds, fears or insecurities.
Mercury conjunct Venus
This could bring up lots of conversations about relationships and money. Also much thought about who we are, what we value, and what makes us most comfortable in life.


Sun moves into Aries
The next month is a good time for doing and acting.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Sun square Mars
This can bring a very active week, a good time for initiating plans. It could take some effort, however, to make sure that our actions stick and can reach our desired goal or purpose.
Venus square Pluto
This can bring intense changes in relationships and finances that could be difficult.
Mercury Retrograde
It is time to re-think your identity and to do things differently now that so much else has changed.

What this week is good for

Starting new things 
Making things happen
Being dedicated and disciplined about what you want
Making more changes to money and relationships

    What this week is not good for

    Being careless of carefree. We have much responsibility and lots to do to get it all done.
    Being rude or hasty in relationships and with money. It can cost you later.
    Committing to things long term without having all the details. Mercury retrograde will have us answer to them later.

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