What we are learning this week:

Introduction to Astrology
It's hard to read an astrological chart if you don't first know the basics — and in this video, we're getting real basic. Time to talk about the reasoning behind astrology, the framework under which it functions, and some possible uses for astrology. This is a general overview which will discuss more of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the seasons, elements, and modes.
It's not just gathering information that is important. It is also being able to apply the information. Fill out the worksheet here to see how much you remember from last week's lesson.
Office Hours
This will occur on Thursday at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. Please stop by to ask any questions you may have regarding the assignment or ask me any questions. It will be a 30 minute video, but may go longer if need be.
Next month, we will be going into more detail about the seasons, modes, and elements in astrology. How much do you already know? Test your knowledge with this worksheet, and read some of the resources provided here.