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Your weekly business forecast (third quarter moon in Gemini)
This week is a good week to reflect on some of your progress so far, and prepare the way for new strategies for success and daily routines to take hold. Use this time to communicate important upcoming measures or changes to your teams — but try not to actually start the projects until the new or first quarter moons.
How to find the birth chart of your business (on Monday)
Did you know that your business has a birth chart — just like you! Here is how you can find that birth chart, and why it is important. Hint: It can help you to maximize profits and streamline your efforts.
Transit talk on Saturn trine Uranus: Managing Innovation and Unique Talent (on Wednesday)
When Saturn and Uranus meet in the sky — nothing they do is traditional! Instead, it is radical and revolutionary. But somehow, it still seems useful and necessary. Learn how to innovate in a way that can last under this influence.
Astrological analysis of Trump's birth chart (on Friday)
I think it is safe to say that President Trump had an interesting week last week! Learn about what is going on in his astrological chart and what may happen in the future.

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Your weekly business forecast (full moon in Pisces)
It's time to finish up any big projects from the past that have been sucking your time and resources. It is also a good time to address any concerns you or your employees may have about the future of your work.
Business and Mundane Astrology 101
The ancients used astrology to not only predict personal events, but to also predict national and collective events. Curious how to adapt what you know about astrology to a political or business arena? Learn more here about how exactly it works, and how the interpretation differs from person to politics.
Transit talk on Jupiter trine Neptune: Internal Change
Jupiter has been in a trine with Neptune for quite some time. Use these astrological energies to root out old or limiting belief systems in yourself and your employees, and re-organize your business so it works better for you.
Astrological analysis of John McCain's birth chart

 John McCain passed earlier this week. Learn more about his personality and what was going on in his birth chart at significant moments throughout his life.