What's going on with your work this week

While Saturn was in Sagittarius, your business or your work could have been going through a major change trying to do something new. Perhaps there was a new business, a new product, or a new change within the company that was being introduced, ideally to expand the business.

Now, it is time to move forward on that experimentation or innovation that occurred earlier and to actually make it happen. However, there could still be some more adjustments that need to be made before the company can feel 100 percent okay moving forward.

Those adjustments may lead to hiring or firing people or re-arranging teams. Some money may also need to be moved around now that there is more clarity on some new thing the company has been experimenting with.

Mercury conjunct Venus (Monday and Tuesday)

This could bring lots of conversations about money or relationships. Perhaps there is some kind of change you need to make in the people you work with, or in how you organize your money. You are trying to understand better what needs to be done.

Sun square Mars (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

As to where we were perhaps thinking about what needs to be done or changes earlier in the week. The end of the week brings more action on the things you were thinking about earlier. This could bring lots of action to start to do things that can put you and your work on better footing. Just make sure your decisions are well-thought out.

Venus square Pluto (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

This is when the changes in relationships and with money you were thinking about earlier start to take hold. Perhaps you decide to hire or fire someone. Perhaps also you decide to re-arrange your finances, or get income from other or different sources. Some things that have been hidden could also come to light. Because this is a square and Pluto is involved, this could be an intense or scary transit. Just do the best you can to make sure you are dealing in integrity and thinking long term.

What this week is good for

Re-arranging your finances so you can better support some new initiatives or projects

Completing some big projects you are working on to bring them into new chapters

Communicating with the people you work with about their needs and desires, and perhaps making some changes to accommodate their needs

What this week is not good for

Making hasty decisions

Not listening to the deep needs of others. There may be things people feel under the surface that need to be addressed before moving forward

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