2018 March Webinar (Recording)

2018 March Webinar (Recording)

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The solar eclipse in Aquarius in February brought us some unexpected twists and turns that catapulted our lives into completely new and different directions that I think we were destined to go in. But can we really step into these new directions in life — or will we forever stay lost in the past, wishing for a life that is no longer ours?

The answer is easy! We can and must step into these new chapters and re-invent ourselves in order to move forward and be happy with all that has happened. It may not be comfortable, though, and it may require an entire transformation from the inside out in order to get there. The result, though, will be a powerful one.

If you can keep your eye on the prize and listen to your spirit, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, an opportunity awaits at the end of the month to make the big moves to step into your new life.

Note: A PDF will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. The PDF contains the link to the webinar, as well as the charts we will be discussing and some questions to answer for self reflection. Please make sure to download and save the PDF to your computer within a day of receiving it.