2018 Mercury Retrograde in Aries Webinar
2018 Mercury Retrograde in Aries Webinar

2018 Mercury Retrograde in Aries Webinar

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This Mercury Retrograde is going to help you better define what and who you are now that so much has changed since Saturn left Sagittarius. It also going to help you determine how you can better act moving forward to support your own personal growth and achieve some of your biggest dreams.  

It is the story of everything you have been through so far, and about where you are going to go from here. It is the story of low lows, but also the story of high highs that are yet to come! You want to make sure it is a good one. 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • The most important and impactful astrology dates of this Mercury Retrograde season, including Pre-Mercury Retrograde, Mercury Retrograde, and Post-Mercury Retrograde
  • How this Mercury Retrograde Season will affect your zodiac sign
  • Understanding the mind, thought process, and communication of the 12 zodiac signs
  • Question and answer period with Wonder Girl

This webinar will take place on March 22, 2018 at 6:00 PM Mountain Time. You will receive a link to the webinar, as well as the charts we will be discussing and some questions for self reflection, in a PDF emailed to you upon purchase. Please download the attached PDF within 24 hours of receiving the email. A recording of the webinar will be made available afterward.