ACADEMY Membership for Astrology Classes

ACADEMY Membership for Astrology Classes

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Interested in learning astrology? Struggling to read an astrological chart? Sign up for Wonder Girl Astrology's ACADEMY membership and receive astrological content weekly and monthly that can help you to read your birth chart, discover your own unique strengths and weaknesses, and better understand the world around you.

With this membership, you will receive special access to:

  • Monthly teaching videos, about 30-45 minutes in length, on special topics in astrology and tarot
  • Regular office hours where Wonder Girl appears live to answer your questions and provide additional context on the month's lesson
  • Weekly worksheets and homework assignments to aid in the learning of astrological content

At ACADEMY, the learning never stops. That's why it is an UNLIMITED monthly membership. There is no start date to classes — or an end date. Wonder Girl covers WHAT you need WHEN you need it. The schedule is flexible and open. The information is endless.

Monthly topics can change depending on the need of the community. Special guests may also be asked to speak. Content is catalogued for future use and review. Some lessons may be repeated upon request.