2019 February Astrology Webinar - Brand New You - The LIFE you NEVER SAW COMING! (Recording)

2019 February Astrology Webinar - Brand New You - The LIFE you NEVER SAW COMING! (Recording)

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This month, the haze, confusion, and intense soul-searching of the past few months and even years is about to settle. Clarity of vision is about to come to you — but perhaps in a way you didn’t expect

With a new moon in Aquarius and Uranus at the 29th degree of Aries, things are going to take an unusual, and, hopefully, liberating turn!

With Venus coming into a conjunction with Saturn, Pluto AND the south node this month, relationships, money, and even your own self-worth are about to get TRANSFORMED from the bottom up to help catapult you into this new journey and destiny.

Mercury’s upcoming rendezvous with Neptune will require you to pay extra attention to your dreams and intuition throughout this whole process. Rationalizing your actions or feelings will not work.

Instead, you must listen to what the heart, spirit, and soul truly desires, even if it requires you to dig deep.

It may require you to make some CHOICES about which direction exactly you want your life to go in. (Hint: The direction your heart truly desires.)

But once you make that choice, things will start to come together in a way that feels more stabilizing, even if some of the details still need to be worked out!

Learn all about it and what to expect in my February 2019 Webinar!

This is UNLIKE any other Astrology webinar, instead of breaking down the month according to the calendar, I will break it down according to the MOON, and follow the moon phases for 4 weeks! From NEW MOON to NEW MOON!

Starting with the New moon in Aquarius, we will cover the moon phases and learn all about energy of the four moon phases as the moon travels through every sign starting with the new moon to the first quarter square, full moon and third quarter square.

Knowing how to work with the energy of the moon is an AMAZING tool for MANIFESTING and this month is all about stepping into new relationships and new money matters in ways you never saw possible.

I will also give you the most CRUCIAL, IMPORTANT and POWERFUL dates to watch out for throughout the 4 weeks to come, so you can know what to expect and prepare for them!

    Wishing you all a WONDERFUL month!





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