Relationship / Love  Astrology! Your relationship potential and purpose as a couple

Relationship / Love Astrology! Your relationship potential and purpose as a couple

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Learn all about how you and a special someone relate, communicate on a physical and mental level, the dynamics of your relationship and your purpose together as a couple.

In this 2-hour reading, Wonder Girl will look at your birth chart and the chart of one other person to uncover your individual life purposes, as well as your purpose as a couple. Wonder Girl will also discuss the strengths and opportunities for growth in your relationship.

This reading is meant to help you unlock the doors to personal success in every aspect of your life. Wonder Girl will look at the natal chart and advanced charts of each individual in the reading, as well as the charts of your relationship as a whole. Tarot reading is available on request.

This 2-hour reading will be done via live video, where you can talk to Wonder Girl in real time and ask her questions as she walks through your charts on the screen.

Once you place your order, someone on the Wonder Girl team will reach out to schedule your appointment. Please also feel free to email with your day and time preference.

Astrology is the ancient belief that the position of the planets at our birth hold important clues and indications about our overall personality and disposition. Just like the moon affects the tides of the ocean, the planets also affect our bodies and minds. As the planets move through the solar system and interact with the position of the planets at the time of our birth, certain events manifest in our lives, or we are called to act in certain ways that modify our personality or life experience.

Terms of Service

  • This reading is for entertainment purposes only.
  • I am not responsible for any personal choices you may make after this reading, or as a result of it.
  • You must be 18 years of age to order a reading.
  • I reserve the right to cancel / refuse a reading for any reason. If this should happen your money will be refunded to you
  • I reserve the right to re-schedule your reading for any reason. 
  • I am not certified in law, medicine, psychology or finance and can not provide you with any professional insight or advice in any of these areas. If that is the kind of help you seek, please visit a professional.
  • There are no refunds issued for cancelling your reading on your end, however you will receive a store credit