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Daily and Weekly Horoscopes

Get daily and weekly horoscopes for free on YouTube. Wonder Girl tracks the moon hour-by-hour to give you the most accurate, fun, and easy-to-understand horoscope. In her videos, she draws on the charts so you can follow along with her. She releases one video a day for all signs — as well as one video a week and one video a month for each sign.

Real-Time Updates

Get updates on social media from Wonder Girl as the social media is happening. From 60-second daily videos to image quotes on the day's biggest astrological alignments, she conveys the messages in a friendly, down-to-earth and polished format made for the digital age.

Monthly Worksheets

Astrology isn't just a hobby — it's a way of life. Manifest your dreams with Wonder Girl's monthly worksheets and webinars where she not only explains what the month is about, but gives tips and tools on how to manage it and maximize its potential.

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Wonder Girl publishes 3-5 minute video horoscopes daily on In a hurry? Looking for something more concise? Check her out here to save time. Also, browse all the free horoscopes and other great content has to offer for your sun sign daily.